Copenhagen Climate Change conference - December 7th to 18th 2009

The 15th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP15) took place in Copenhagen from December 7th to 18th, 2009.

During this time, the JPIC team updated this wikipage with new links and articles relevant to this time of urgent negotiation relating to climate change. We welcome updates to the wikipage within this site, either directly by registered JPIC promoters, or through email of links and articles to

Below we provide official weblinks to the Climate Change conference, with a series of additional links and articles of interest to JPIC promoters.

1 - Fr. Seán Mc Donagh SSC from Ireland shared his views formed through attendance to the Climate change conference. His articles will be posted at this wikisite and at the Colomban website.

Copenhagen Climate Change Conference - Articles sent from Copenhagen - 2009:
- Fr. Seán Mc Donagh SSC
- Fr. Seán Mc Donagh SSC
- Fr. Seán Mc Donagh SSC
- Fr Seán Mc Donagh SSC
- Fr Seán Mc Donagh SSC
- December 14th - Fr Seán Mc Donagh SSC
- December 14th - Fr Seán Mc Donagh SSC
- December 15th - Fr Seán Mc Donagh SSC
- December 15th - Fr Seán Mc Donagh SSC
- December 16th - Fr Seán Mc Donagh SSC
- December 17th - Fr Seán Mc Donagh SSC
- December 19th - Fr Seán Mc Donagh SSC
- December 19th - Fr Seán Mc Donagh SSC

2 - An Ignatian view of worldwide environmental challenges is presented as a blog written by the Jesuit team present at the Copenhagen Climate Change conference. This daily blog can be read at

3 - A member of the JPIC Integrity of Creation Working Group attending COP 15 - Sr Frances Orchard, CP (Congregation of Jesus)

December 8th - First report from COP 15
December 15th - Frances Orchard - CP
December 15th - Short note - Frances Orchard CP
December 16th - Frances Orchard - CP
December 17th - Frances Orchard - CP

4. Sr Christine Anderson FCJ, attending COP 15, shares her congragations views provided as input to the conference, ' Climate change - the human perspective' FCJ, then two blog updates and an interview (see through attached links) provided during the conference.

external image pdf.png Copenhagen DocumentFCJ (2).pdfexternal image msword.png Copehagen_Bulletin_One.docexternal image msword.png copenhagen_2.doc

See webcasts enclosed:

Events in Rome related to COP 15:

See recent JPIC photos on Flikr - Economic Justice and Fairtrade, and Climate prayer service at Ara Coeli. (JPICRoma: password not needed - note to Promoters Copenhagen15)

1 - An evening vigil to pray for the success of the Copenhagen climate change conference took place on Saturday December 12th 2009 at Santa Maria in Ara Coeli, near Piazza Venezia from 18.30 to 20:00.
The Franciscan family of Lazio, the international office of Justice Peace and Integrity of Creation of the Friars Minor, and a number of other international JPIC promoters from different religious institutes based in Rome, in association with the organisation Green Accord, conducted a vigil of prayer for the success the Copenhagen Climate change conference. 150+ JPIC promoters and friends attended this service. The steps to Ara Coeli were lit with candles.

2 - A JPIC Integrity of Creation update on climate change for JPIC promoters took place at the UISG, Piazza Ponte Sant'Angelo on Tuesday January 12th, 2010 from 11am to 12.30pm. This event offered JPIC promoters an opportunity to learn from the direct experience of congregational attendees to the Climate Change conference. A number of representatives of religious congregations based in Rome attended the Climate Change conference through the support of Franciscans International and Maryknoll.

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Other Articles relevant to Climate and Ecology:

See article at .
Irish pastoral letter on climate change- presentation format

2010 articles on the environment by Fr. Seán Mc Donagh SSC:

external image empty.png Climate Change Deniers Winning the Battle February 10 2010.doc Climate change 'deniers' winning the battle

external image empty.png FEB 2010 Despite a very cold winter February 26 2010.docDespite a very cold winter ...- February 2010

external image empty.png Questionable Claims about Himalayan Glaciers Melting February 14th 2010.docMelting Himalayan Glaciers - February 2010

external image empty.png The Controversy about the Hockey Stick Graph february 2010.docControversy about Hockey stick graph - February 2010

external image empty.png 2010 March Denying Climate change (2).docDenying Climate change - March 2010

external image empty.png March 2 2010 The Departure of Yvo de Boer as Head of the UN Climate Change Body.docDeparture of Yvo de Boer as head of UN Climate Change panel.

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