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This JPIC Commission Working Group is chaired by Sr Sheila Kinsey FCJM

Statement of intent for the Integrity of Creation Working Group for 2010-2011

The purpose of the Integrity of Creation Working Group is to increase awareness, provide informed reflections and suggest actions concerning the environment. Within the networking possibilities of the JPIC Promoters in Rome, the members are able to provide formation resources, encourage religious o be proclaimers of an ecological dimension to our faith, share contributions, and publicize initiatives that religious congregations are continuing to make for the care of creation.

This wikipage shares material related to working group activities. Below we provide an update on recent issues related to Ecology, Climate and Integrity of Creation, including the 2011 UN International year of the forest, COP 16 in 2010, participation at the UN Food and Agriculture section of the UN in 2010, and other resources shared during 2010.

Please also see relevant resources at:

Toward Neutralizing One’s Carbon Footprint

Articles by Fr. Séan Mc Donagh 2013

Updates for 2011:

Eco-Spirituality Resources:
The following are Eco-Spirituality Resources gathered by the Working group. They include references to articles, books, Papal and Episcopal Conference Statements, Prayers and web sites.

Papal Statements
Web Sites

1. 2011 marks the UN International year of the Forests: please see a new campaign to sound the commencement of the 2011 UN International Year of the Forests on December 31st 2010.

Please also see details of the JPIC Seminar on "Trees" - on March 19th 2011

2010 updates:

2 - The 16th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP16) - November 9th to December 10th 2010;
Sharing of insight from COP 16 at Cancun in Mexico:

Please find articles submitted by Fr Sean McDonagh SSC, on all aspects of this conference.
Please also see The 16th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP16) official websites at:
Official COP16 website in English:
Official COP16 website in Spanish:

3 - FAO: JPIC attendance to World Food Day October 15th 2010:
A short report from Fr Boby Sebastian OC, following his attendance to the FAO Plenary session on

On the 15th of October 2010, the United Nations’ Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) in Rome organized World Food Day in which Fr. Boby Sebastian (James Tharakunnel), O. Carm., executive secretary of the JPIC Commission of the Carmelite Order participated.
This event was an international one in which the representatives from around 170 countries had their presence and the key note address was given by the President of Rwanda Mr. Paul Kagame, the chief guest of the day. The message of Pope Benedict XIV was read by Monsignor Renato Volante, the permanent observer of the Holy See to FAO.
The Director General of FAO presented Agricola Medal (Post-humous) to Dr Norman Borlaug, the man behind the Green Revolution. The theme of this year is “United Against Hunger”. There are one billion people in the world suffering due to hunger and malnutrition and how can we sit ideal? This year’s World Food Day is an opportunity for stakeholders to agree on some concrete ways to high light the “1 Billion Hungry” project as an initiative to raise global awareness, and also an opportunity for individuals to take responsibility as part of the situation to end world hunger.

In the afternoon there was a World Food Day Civil Society Forum in which the activities of the NGO’s and other religious institutes were highly appreciated by the FAO and it was an attempt by FAO to collect the concrete action plans from the Civil Society to fight against hunger.

4 - 2010 Resources:

  • His Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI’s New Year Message 2010 ‘If you want to cultivate Peace, protect Creation’

  • Congregational Developments in the Ecology space:
SJS: Jesuits and friends in ecology have started ‘Ecology and Jesuits in Communication’, a website and e-newsletter, meant for those who seek to engage ecologically but need time, space and information sources to give flesh to their ideas, build up confidence, share experiences and integrate ongoing initiatives before committing to action. The creators of the website, José Ignacio Garcia SJ and Pedro Walpole SJ, are hoping that Jesuit centres will contribute to the website on a regular basis in the future. For more information and to subscribe to the monthly newsletter:

  • Climate Change and Spirituality - Fr Agosto Scarel OCarm. (Argentina) :

Fr Scarel OCarm. presented to the JPIC promoters in October 2010, on the theme of Climate Change with a perspective on the science, and with comment on the connection between Climate change and spirituality. Please contact the JPIC office for access to a copy of his presentation.

  • CIDSE (a coalition of 16 Catholic development agencies in Europe and North America)

5 - Working group submissions to the triennial meeting of the International Union of Superiors General - May 2010 in Rome




Older resources:

Please refer to for information on COP 15.

Prayer service published for the UN Environment Day

A survey of JPIC Activity relating to the environment

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