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(Best Practice in JPIC)
(Best Practice in JPIC Promotion)

Taller de JPIC en Bolivia
Para Promotores de JPIC
26 Mayo - Junio 1, 2013


“Some Thoughts on the Justice and Peace Ministry of the Church in the Setting of the Kingdom of God” by John Fuellenbach S.V.D.


PowerPoint Presentation (June 2012) on the article (Sr. Toni Harris OP):

JPIC Promoter presentations, working groups: Recent documents 2010-2011

This page provides updates and details relating to JPIC Promoters - recent presentations shared at Promoter meetings, working groups and the JPIC Vatican radio project.

Please note that all recent JPIC newsbriefs in English and Spanish are available at EN_JPIC_Newsbriefs at this wikisite. Thank you.

1. JPIC Promoters Meeting - Healing Processes for hurting Parishes - January 19th 2011

2. JPIC Promoters Meeting International issues - Interculturality - December 15th 2010

3. JPIC Africa Group - New Communications - English Flyer

Please find below a new JPIC- Africa Group information flyer, prepared by the Africa Formation Group in English and French. Please print in A4 - double sided as needed. The flyer folds into three sections. Please email Sr Marie Alice Terrettaz with any questions.



4 - JPIC Vatican Radio Project

If you are interested, think you have a theme, story, topic you would like to share to the wider world, please get in touch with the JPIC office at and/or Philippa Hitchens or Susy Hodges at Vatican radio. Email - and telephone – 06.69883047 / 3381274919

If a promoter is interested in becoming involved, or knows of someone, either living in Rome or passing through in the future, who might be interested, he/she can either contact the journalist directly or get in touch with the JPIC office.
The Vatican journalist is willing to interview and record, either in Vatican Radio studios, or at a location of the person’s choice.

There is a wealth of collective experience in JPIC. Many religious have worked in different parts of the world and have learned a lot from the people and from challenging realities. There must be many stories with a JPIC dimension yet to be told.