Response to Haiti:

This page is dedicated to the people of Haiti following the devastating earthquakes which took place on January 12th, and the continued suffering experienced by the people of Haiti since that time. Please review this link to access shared JPIC congregational updates, prayers, services, events and funding opportunities which have been brought to the attention of the JPIC USG/UISG commission team. This site will continue to be updated as congregational JPIC updates are received.

New updates received: Week February 1st -5th;

February 5th: ENGLISH & FRENCH - Provided by Pax Christi

A collection of articles from Haiti can be read via “ Focus” section on the website See Focus on Haiti to read updates (in English and French) from Member Organisations, friends in Haiti, and interviews with Pax Christi Secretary-General and former Prime Minister of Haiti, Claudette Werleigh.
See pictorial presentations, opinion pieces and press reports, under Articles and Links”. Messages of solidarity can also be submitted via this section in English, French and Spanish.

January 28th: FRENCH - Provided by the Daughters of Wisdom
Congregations present in Haiti

January 27th: Jesuit activity and funding update - Haiti

Prayers received:

January 25th: French
Provided by S. Madeleine Malette, fdls (Daughters of Wisdom), on behalf of her congregation and their superior general S. Louise Madore, fdls. Please see their websites and The Daughters of Wisdom, the brothers of St Gabriel and the Montfortain Fathers all lost members of their congregations in Haiti. Their houses were located in the heart of Haiti, where the earthquakes occured.
January 20th: English and Spanish Prepared by Sr Toni Harris, OP
Sr Toni is co-director for international JPIC programmes for the Dominicans, and co-chair of the JPIC Economic Justice Group.

January 14th: Provided by Sr De Sales, JPIC promoter

Prayer services noted:

January 29th - San Marcello, Via Del Corso - the JPIC Spanish/Portuguese group will lead a prayer service for Haiti through their scheduled JPIC prayer service taking place from 19:00 to 20:00 at San Marcello church on Via del Corso.

“Rezad mucho por nosotros. El sufrimiento de nuestro pueblo es enorme”.

(P. Adonai, responsable de los Redentoristas en Haití)

Papal response:

VATICAN CITY — Pope Benedict spoke about the disastrous earthquake in Haiti at his noon blessing on Sunday, January 17th, expressing sadness at the death of Archbishop Joseph Miot of Port-au-Prince as well as the many others who lost their lives. As the Catholic Church takes a leading role in the recovery, the pope said he was following those efforts closely.

Pope Benedict, Sunday January 17th:
"In these days out thoughts are turned toward the dear population of Haiti, as well as our heartfelt prayers. The apostolic nuncio, who thanks be
to God is all right, is keeping me continually informed, and so I have learned of the sad death of the archbishop, as well as so many priests,
religious and seminarians. I am following and encouraging the efforts of numerous charity organizations that are dealing with the immense needs
of the country. I am praying for the injured, for the homeless and for those who tragically have lost their lives."

Congregational updates received: (Languages specified):

January 20 - English: Annick Bimbenet - Daughters of Wisdom FDLS dw
Presentation referenced in this message is too large to post to this wikispace (photography-led)- please request copy from Annick or from JPIC office, providing CD or large USB memory stick.

January 14 - Spanish: Jesus Aristin - Passionista:

January 15 - French: Camille Piche - OMI:

Ce message nous est arrivé ce matin. C`est un rapport du père Gasner Joint OMI Provincial transmis par Fred Charpentier sur la situation en Haiti. Un frère oblat scholastique est décédé: le frère Weedy Alexis. Il y a d`autres nouvelles sur le site web des oblats: On mentionned l`orphelinat `PWOJE ESPWA` (Projet Espoir) où on prend soin de 600 enfants. Cet orphelinat se trouve à Les Cayes, au sud de Port-au-Prince.
Tous sont saufs et racontent ce qu`ils entendent et ce qui se passe dans le pays et comment ils vivent ces événements. Aussi un autre lien qui indique les pertes subies par les OMI. Merci de vos prières!

Support notices received:

Web request: "Jesuit Relief for Those in Haiti".

**Facebook communication: Jesuit Refugee Services:**

Messages of solidarity received:

Pax Christi:

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