JPIC Working Group and networks relating to Trafficking in Persons

This wikipage contains background information on the JPIC Working Group relating to Trafficking in Human Persons ('anti-trafficking'), and the new network Talitha Kum. Resources and campaigns are shared below.

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1 - Prayer services to mark January 11th International day to end Human Trafficking
2 - Introduction and resources from the JPIC Working Group on Trafficking in Persons
3 - Introduction to 'Talitha Kum' - Religious networks against trafficking
4 - The 65 page Anti-trafficking kit prepared and published by Caritas Internationalis and the JPIC USG/UISG.
5 - Older resources - 2010 World cup Anti trafficking campaign
6 - Anti-Trafficking Working Group on Palermo Protocol, etc.

For matters relating to Talitha Kum, please contact Sr Estrella Castalone at

1 - Prayer Services to mark International day to end Human Trafficking

This day has been marked on January 11th. However these prayers can be used at any time.


2 - JPIC Working Group on Trafficking in Persons

We are an intercongregational group of religious, living in Rome, who meet on a monthly basis as the USG/UISG Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation Commission Anti-Trafficking Working Group.

In 2007 the leadership of USG/UISG signed a joint statement with Caritas Internationalis to work collaboratively in the struggle against human trafficking.

We believe that the unspeakable suffering experienced by women, men and children, who are trafficked for domestic servitude and sexual slavery and any other type of inhuman bondage, will be alleviated as more and more persons of good will become aware of and educated about this 21st century global sin. Groups such as ours provide their respective communities with resources and tools to work against human trafficking.

For more information about our work, read our brochure: (published September 2009)

3 - Talitha Kum - Introduction:

November 2009 Anti-trafficking Update:
Please find enclosed three one page documents in English French and Italian on the global Religious Networks against Trafficking, with a summary plan of action for 2009-2010 created by this network.

For matters relating to Talitha Kum, please contact Sr Estrella Castalone at

4 - Anti -Trafficking kit

Please find below the 65-page Anti-Trafficking Kit that the JPIC USG UISG Working group has produced in seven languages.

The Kit makes a detailed presentation of the phenomenon of trafficking, its nature, magnitude, causes, mechanisms, techniques, global pattern of supply and demand. It has sections with the presentation of theological reflections, the international standards, networks of groups working against trafficking and suggestions for organising workshops on the topic.

For further copies of the kit (currently available in Polish and Hungarian) contact:
JPIC Commission of the USG/UISG,
Via Aurelia 476, c.p.9099 (Aurelio),
00100 Rome, Italy.
Price of the Kit: 8 Euro plus postage

El dossier ofrece una amplia presentación del fenómeno del tráfico de las mujeres y de los niños, su naturaleza, su complejidad, sus causas y mecanismos, las tecnicas y movimientos globales de oferta y demanda. También ofrece una sección que contiene: reflexión teológica, criterios internacionales, red de grupos que luchan por este fenómeno y sugerencias para organizar un taller sobre el tema.

Para tener las copias contactar
JPIC Commission du USG/UISG
El precio del dossier: 8 Euros más los gastos del correo

Le dossier offre une large présentation du phénomène du trafic des êtres humains: la nature, l’ampleur, les causes, les mécanismes, les techniques et les flux globaux de la demande et de l’offerte. Elle inclut, en outre, des sections regroupant une réflexion théologique, des critères internationaux, un réseau des groupes qui luttent contre le phénomène et des suggestions pour organiser un laboratoire sur le thème.

Pour avoir des copies contacter:
JPIC Commission du USG/UISG
Le prix du dossier: 8 Euro plus les frais de port

Il dossier offre una ampia presentazione del fenomeno del traffico, la sua natura, la vastità, le cause, i meccanismi, tecniche e flussi globali della domanda ed offerta. Ha inoltre delle sezioni con la riflessione teologica, i criteri internazionali, la rete dei gruppi che combattono il fenomeno e suggerimenti per organizzare un laboratorio sul tema.

Per avere le copie contattare:
JPIC Commission of the USG/UISG
Prezzo 8 Euro più spese postali

Niniejszy zestaw materiałów jest dokładną ilustracja fenomenu przemytu i handlu kobietami i dziećmi, jego natury, wielkości, przyczyn, mechanizmów, metod, globalnej matrycy podaży i popytu. Zawiera on sekcje prezentujące refleksję teologiczną, standardy międzynarodowe, oraz zorganizowane grupy ludzi zwalczających przemyt jak również sugestie i materiały służące prowadzeniu warsztatów związanych z tą tematyką.

Aby otrzymać materialy należy skontaktować się z:
JPIC Commission of the USG/UISG
Cena 8 euro plus koszt wysyłki

Dosierul oferă o amplă presentare a fenomenului traficului, descriind natura, vastitatea, cautele, mecanismele, tecnicile şi fluxurile globale aspra cererii şi ofertei. Totodată are şi secţiuni cu reflecţii teologice, cu criterii internazionale, reţele de grpuri ce combat fenomenul şi sugeriri în ceea ce priveşte organizarea unui laborator per această temă.

Pentru a avea copüle, contactează:
JPIC Commission of the USG/UISG
Preţul documentaru-lui: 8 Euro, plus cheltuielile poştale

5 - 2010 World Cup Anti- Trafficking Campaign

Hotels act for World Cup Anti Trafficking campaign

Press coverage of World Cup Anti Trafficking campaign

Letters in Spanish

Carta a los Lideres

Carta a posibles victimas

Carta a agentes desprevidos
Carta a los fans

Letters in Portuguese

Letter to Leaders
Letter to potential victims

Letter to Fans

6 - Anti-Trafficking Working Group on Palermo Protocol, etc.

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