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Alternative Economies - a Compilation by Seamus Finn OMI

The following Advent resources are from "Education for Justice" www.educationforjustice.org Please check this helpful website and consider becoming a member. -- Economic Justice Working Group

Fair Trade - A Campaign of Solidarity

This wikisite contains the latest Rome-focused Fairtrade campaign, and the latest global-focused Fairtrade campaign. Please contact the JPIC office for any archived campaign material. These materials are available in Italian, French, Spanish and in some cases German. Please look to

http://jpicformation.wikispaces.com/IT_commercioequo - Italian
http://jpicformation.wikispaces.com/ES_comerciojusto - Spanish
http://jpicformation.wikispaces.com/DE_Fairtrade German
http://jpicformation.wikispaces.com/POR_Comercio_Justo - Portuguese

Campaign 1: Global focus for Fairtrade action:

Lent 2010 - Empowering the Poor in the Developing World
An Appeal to the Religious Communities Throughout the World

The Economic Justice Working Group, supported by the USG/UISG JPIC Commission, have adapted a Fairtrade brochure for use throughout religious organisations and communities, at international level. This brochure is shared with an accompanying letter in English, Spanish, Italian and French. Please let us know if you can provide improved or additional translations. Thank you.

The Rome-based Fair Trade activity and events will continue throughout Lent 2010. Please contact the Economic Justice Group through jpic.assistant@lasalle,orgwith any questions.

Please find 2010 booklets and accompanying letters below in MS Word, for ease of sharing and access.

2010 English Global Campaign Flyer & cover letter - please share both documents

2010 French Lenten flyer

2010 Italian Global campaign flyer in two formats - A4 & A5 flyer

2010 Italian Global campaign cover letter

2010 Spanish Global campaign flyer and cover letter

2010 Portuguese Global campaign flyer and cover letter

Campaign 2 - Rome focus for Fair trade action - see examples enclosed.

Advent 2009 - Rome Fair Trade

During this season, the Economic Justice Working Group is encouraging a renewed effort related to Fair Trade products. We request that Promoters urge curia and generalate communities to purchase Fair Trade products. We hope that a practice begun in Advent may continue throughout the year.
The attached materials have been revised from last year's Lenten campaign. They are appropriate for any season. Please share them as widely as possible.

Click here to download the latest update of the Fair Trade booklet for printing ("print on both sides").
A cover letter for this Advent season 2009 is also provided.
Please also find a link to locations for Fairtrade shops in Rome provided by Mr Paoli Bravi - http://tinyurl.com/mappaequa

Archived material on older campaigns can be accessed at: