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Spirituality of Human Rights by Donal Dorr



The Synod of Bishops (1971); 'Justice in the World' document;

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YouTube Proposal on the ‘Justice in the World’ Synod Document

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An example from the Center of Concern in Washington, DC:


‘Justice in the World’ Synod (1971): A Hidden Treasure / ‘ Sínodo (1971): Un Tesoro escondido/

‘Giustizia nel mondo’. Sinodo (1971): Un Tesoro nascosto

Presenters/ Ponentes / Relatori

Fr. Donal Dorr, St. Patrick’s Missionary, a well-known facilitator, consultant, trainer, resource-person and author.

Theme: The Impact of this Synod on the Church of the time and its relevance for today

  • Donal Dorr, Misionero de St. Patrick, experto conocedor del tema, consultor, persona de fama internacional, autor…

Tema: El impacto de este Sínodo sobre la Iglesia en ese tiempo y su influencia hasta hoy.

  • Donal Dorr, Missionario de St. Patrick’s, esperto conoscitore del tema, consulente, autore…

Tema: L’influsso di questo Sinodo sulla Chiesa in quel tempo e la sua rilevanza oggi.


Sr. Teresa Dagdag, Maryknoll Sisters of St. Dominic, Co-Secretary of the JPIC Commission of the USG/UISG

Theme: If this Synod did not take place would Consecrated Life be the same today?

  • Teresa Dagdag, Suore di Maryknoll di St. Dominic, Co-Segretaria della Commissione JPIC dell’USG/UISG.

Tema: ¿Se questo Sinodo non avesse avuto luogo, la Vita Consacrata sarebbe la stessa oggi?

  • Teresa Dagdag, Hermanas de Maryknoll de St. Dominic, Co-Secretaria de la Comisión JPIC de la USG / UISG.

Tema: ¿Si este Sínodo no se hubiese realizado, la Vida Consagrada sería la misma hoy?


  • Sr. Ann Beatrice Faye, Immaculate Conception of Castres, General Councilor and former President of Conference of Religious Women, Senegal

Theme: Continuity and Discontinuity of the Synod for Consecrated Life today: An African perspective

  • Ann Beatrice Faye, Inmaculada Concepción de Castres, Consejera General y anteriormente Presidenta de la Conferencia de Religiosas de Senegal.

Tema: Continuidad y discontinuidad del Sínodo sobre la Vida Consagrada hoy: Una prospectiva africana.

  • Ann Beatrice Faye, Immacolata Concezione di Castres, Consigliera Generale e Presidenta emerita della Conferenza di Religiose di Senegal.

Tema: Continuità e discontinuità del Sinodo sulla Vita Consacrata oggi: Una prospettiva africana.

Saturday, 19h November 2011/ Sábado 19 de noviembre de 2011/ Sabato 19 novembre 2011

9:00am to 12:30pm

General Curia of the Brothers of the Christian Schools (Aula Magna)

Via Aurelia 476 / Curia General de los Hermanos de las Escuelas Cristianas (Aula Magna)

Vía Aurelia, 476. Roma

Simultaneous Translation into English, Spanish,and Italian / Traducción simultánea en Inglés, Español e Italiano/ Traduzione simultanea in Inglese, Spagnolo e Italiano.

Offering is €7.00 Euro at the door / Cuota €7.00 Euros que se entregan en la recepción / Quota €7.00 Euro da consegnare all’ingresso.

International Service for Human Rights

Useful Online Resources - May 2010

Justice and Reconciliation Seminar co-sponsored by AEFJN & JPIC

November 30, 2009

Seminar content presented by Fr Robert Schreiter, CPPS

Fr Robert is professor of Theology at the Catholic Theological Union, Chicago. He is an internationally recognised expert in the areas of inculturation and the world mission of the church.
Three people responded to Fr Roberts presentation, sharing personal experience of Justice and Reconciliation work.

First respondeee, Francesca Campolongo, Jesuit Refugee Services - International Office, Rome, presented on her experience in Namibia: Two documents on the international work of the JRS will be provided by Francesca in the coming days. This page will be updated as soon as possible with that material.

Second respondee, Gervase Taratara, (Congregation: CSSP),

Third respondee, Denise Bang,na, (Congregation: Sisters of the Apostle), shared a personal experience of Reconciliation from Algeria. Denise attended the anniversary of two sisters killed by terrorists in Algeria. A large muslim community gathered to work for Peace in Algeria at this anniversary. Sr Bang'na was moved also by a poem written by a young man, at this event, asking for forgiveness.

An opportunity for reflection and discussion, was followed by a diverse range of interventions from the attendees to the conference.